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Party in the Park

A few Saturdays ago, some of the Grace and Main crew got together to pack lunches into coolers for the House of Hope. You can read more about those coolers in our previous post: Coolers for the House of Hope.We set up our grill in Doyle Thomas Park (also called Green Street Park) in Downtown Danville.

Old and new members of G+M were thrilled to see that so many of our friends were still around and had missed us when we took the winter off from our cookouts in the park. One boy said to us, as we unpacked our frisbees and food, “We missed yall. Are you gonna do this all summer?” We let him know that we’re back and plan on doing it for as long as we can. While we got the hot dogs cooking, we took some time to play on the playground with each other, to toss the frisbee, to pitch and hit baseball (with a big bat and a yellow, rubber ball that Mark and Julie brought along–new toys!), and to play some basketball. Then, we all had some hot dogs, chips, drinks, and fruit cups. Check out the pictures and you’ll know how much fun it was.

Tony tries to hang by his knees...

Matt and a dinosaur he met at the park

One of our friends swinging for the fences

Matt, Mike, Mark, Tony, and some friends play basketball

At least one of us can dunk...almost.

Our brother Tony and his mother, who refused to tell us any embarrassing stories

Mike, demonstrating proper dinosaur riding form

These hot dogs are almost ready to be eaten

Never has a hot dog looked so delicious

Jessica, Julie, and Jennifer help some of our friends get their plates ready (while the guys are probably riding dinosaurs...)

Sitting down to lunch

Some of us eat, while some of us get back to playing

Josh, looking wary because he's worried Daniel will steal his chips...

King Tony, trying on the crown that Josh made for him

Check out our website for more information about upcoming projects and events. You are always welcome to worship with us on Sunday night at 6:30 p.m. at 228 Broad St. You’re also always welcome to eat dinner with the community and join in our ongoing discussions on Thursday night at 6:00 and 7:15, respectively, at the same address. Donations can be made by check (made payable to “Grace and Main Fellowship”) and sent to the same address–your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of what you donate will be used to address poverty and homelessness issues in downtown Danville, VA. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at graceandmain@gmail.com.