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Michelle Norman: “I’ve Lost My Voice”

imagesMichelle and her husband (Matt) are CBF missionaries in Barcelona, Spain, where they serve through local congregations among marginalized and disenfranchised people; often their work is among refugees, immigrants, and international students.

In a recent post on their blog, Michelle explores the important process of language acquisition for missionaries, but more importantly she explores what it’s like to be “the other” in a world where it’s so easy to be silenced on the margins. Though Michelle and Matt’s involvement is not specifically among the same kinds of folks that Grace and Main is living among, it raises an important point: when we take away somebody’s voice, we lessen them, but when we give them a voice we all benefit.

Here’s a sample of her post:

…Not being able to communicate. That is the hardest for me…it is the way I seem to have lost myself by not being able to express who I am through words.  Anyone who knows me well, and probably those who know me just a little, know that I love to talk.  But here in this new place I have lost my voice.  I cannot speak with any level of fluency.  At times I find myself wanting to communicate something in a conversation but realize that I would not be able to express it well and instead sit quietly.  I am confined to a certain set of vocabulary and I am forced to sit and listen…

Go on over to their blog to read the rest.

The Prophetic Collective: “Folks Need a Place to Stay”


The Prophetic Collective picked up one of our stories for their website yesterday evening. We first published it in May of 2013, but go on over to their site to read it for yourself.

…Quite regularly, people gifted food and clothing to Roland which made it possible for him to survive many of the harder days. Yet, often in short supply were friends and relationships—people who sought him out simply to share an afternoon lazily talking about both things that matter immensely and things that don’t matter in the slightest. That’s how we met him and became fast friends—one of us sat down beside him on one of the very first “roving feasts,” and introduced ourselves, saying “I’m going to eat lunch and was wondering if you’d like to join me…

– See more at:

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