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Love from the House of Hope

The House of Hope is the local short-term homeless shelter in downtown Danville. Grace and Main has an ongoing commitment to provide a lunch for every resident, every day. We want to provide this support to the House of Hope because we understand their mission and calling to be compatible with ours and because they are loving and caring for some of the members of our community and others with whom we are building relationships.

In the November 2011 edition of the House of Hope newsletter (Vol. 3, No. 11), Stephen Anderson, the director of the House of Hope, including the following two paragraphs in his “Director’s Article of Appreciation:”

“I also want to share with you that the House of Hope is now working with ‘Grace and Main [Fellowship]’ to reach more people that truly need help! The director of Grace and Main is Joshua Hearne. This group of people, or organization should I say, truly have a big heart for the hurting people of this community! I feel blessed for the House of Hope to be able to partner with Grace and Main to be able to reach out to even more people than we have been able to bless in the past!

What we [Director Stephen Anderson partnering with Grace and Main’s already existing ‘Roving Feast’ commitment] do is go out to help feed the homeless and low income people around downtown Danville. We will go down to the storefront areas of Main Street and people will come by that have come to know us and ask for a bag lunch and a bottle of water. There are two parts to what is going on. We want to feed the hungry and befriend them, to show love and concern for their lives–to let them know we care about them and their future. We also go down to Jefferson Street to low income [apartment housing] and people will come out to greet us when they see us coming. This is a great partnership that has been made between the House of Hope and Grace and Main with one main common goal, to help people that truly need help!”

Grace and Main wants to extend our appreciation and thanks to Director Anderson and all of the good work that he and the House of Hope are doing downtown. You can learn more about the House of Hope by at their website: http://www.danvillehoh.com/. You can learn more about one of our leaders, Joshua Hearne, who is making the transition to full-time missionary status in downtown at http://www.thirdchanceministries.com.

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