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Mission Madness Recap

Mission Madness was very successful. A lot of people showed up ready and willing to work. Grace & Main was leading four of the projects on Saturday. The first project was a community garden on Broad Street. Four raised gardens were built using 2×10’s, fill dirt, and the “fancy dirt” on top. The project is still in the works, and there will be photos coming soon of the final result. The second project was sewing tote bags. When my group visited their work site, you could hear a pin drop (pun intended). The ladies were working so hard on this project that there was very little talking. You could tell that they were really into it and totally focused on the task at hand. Once the tote bags were together, they were filled with toiletry items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.). A special Thank You to Abingdon Place for donating the contents of the tote bags. The bags will be distributed to those that really need them in our community. The third project was a painting project. Several gathered on North Main Street to paint the inside of a home. The owner of the home was very appreciative of all the hard work that took place. The fourth project took place on Jefferson Street in what is known as the “Stucco Building”. There, we cleaned 3 apartments that had been left in a rather rough condition after the tenants left. The work could not have been done by one person, so the owner of the apartments was very grateful of our efforts.

Each project was successful and memorable. The youth from CBFVA Mission Madness left with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that their efforts helped in ways that they couldn’t begin to imagine. A tree starts with a seed. They planted the seed and Danville is now growing because of it. Videos will be coming soon and will be posted on our website. Stay tuned to see first hand what God has been up to. If you would like to get involved with future projects, please see our contact page. Extra hands are always helpful.

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