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If you want to see photos from our work for the year 2016, try clicking on one of the headings that drops down when you hover your mouse over “2016” above. Below are some of our favorites from the year 2016:

At the House Blessing of the new Hospitality House donated by Ascension Lutheran

At the MLK Stop the Killing/Violence March

A posed shot of a Grace and Main leader and some developing leaders

Pushing the donated furniture into storage until we move them into somebody’s home

Sharing baby clothes after a meal.

Some of the community’s children playing after one of our house meals.

Mission Madness students painting the chicken coop at the Urban Farm

Preparing a new bed at the Urban Farm

Some of the folks gathered after Sunday prayers outside of a hospitality house

A hand-decorated (and delicious) birthday cake at the party

Some of the food harvested one day in the early summer with a harvester

A cast can’t go unsigned in the community

Beets at the Urban Farm

Passport campers unloading compost at the Urban Farm

Passport campers and Grace and Main leaders at the Urban Farm

Communion at a big meal

Giving away some bags full of produce from the Urban Farm

“Cornhole” at our 3rd Annual Lake Day with Clarksville Baptist Church

Some of the Gilsons and Bruce on the Gilsons’ last Sunday before moving to the Cook Islands

Some times you just have to celebrate a birthday

Kenneth doing some stirring to finish the big meal

One of the cakes at the “Back for Thirds” Dessert Fundraiser

Just outside of the main room when we were gathered for prayer on a particularly full night

He couldn’t help but clap along with the restaurant staff as they joined the birthday celebration

The youngest attendee of this year’s Fall Leadership Retreat has her boots on and is ready to go visit the chickens and goats at White Flint Farm

A quick hug during a meal

Evening prayers

Our newest server for the Lord’s Supper at a meal

Urban Farm work day

Working on a puzzle together before prayers

Some happy folks in their new place with new furniture

Out getting new shoes with partner congregation, Ascension Lutheran Church

Most of the shoe shopping crew (some G+M folks, several leaders, and Meredith from Ascension)

The new tool library