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If you want to see photos from our work for the year 2017, try clicking on one of the headings that drops down when you hover your mouse over “2017” above. Below are some of our favorites from the year 2017:

Derrick, who was exonerated from death row, at the Death Penalty protest in Washington, DC

One of the birthday boys with a big burger

Sometimes, generosity looks like Christmas presents for the daughter of a community member given to her in your own new apartment.

Baked spaghetti that took nearly 30 hours in total to prepare that was served at the Big Meal

Some of the new tool library with tools and storage partially in place

A volunteer from Oak Level Baptist (through CBFVA) putting together tomato starts.

Bruce and volunteers putting gutters on the Tool Library to feed our rainwater catchment system.

Rachael with the esteemed trophy for a recent Scavenger Hunt

6th grade volunteers putting together seed starts to plant and give away

Sunset over the tool library and a leader at a hospitality house

A team of two installs a new Wind Duck on the fenceline.

A cross in front of a church in one of our neighborhoods

All three of our lazy Saturdays superheroes, complete with fantastic capes.

Trying to sneak a hat onto somebody’s head

A repurposed sign to mark off somebody’s plot at the Urban Farm

At a recent meal, we were the glad recipients of three dozen cupcakes that were a baking student’s class project. We say she deserves an A+

Sharing popsicles and tricycles