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Our Prayerbook
You can find our community's prayerbook on Amazon here.
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If you want to see photos from our work for the year 2018, try clicking on one of the headings that drops down when you hover your mouse over “2018” above. Below are some of our favorites from the year 2018:

Seeds just starting to sprout under grow lights in one of the hospitality houses.

Folks starting to filter into a community meal

The “red squirrel,” a mascot of one of our hospitality houses

A long-time Grace and Mainer at the hospitality house he runs with his cats

Down near the river during a recent snowstorm

One of our neighbors and a Grace and Main developing leader loading up a borrowed truck with one of four loads of furniture that we recently moved into the new house of a family with multiple kids in one of our neighborhoods

An Urban Farm Planning Team Meeting